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The Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center (gpTRAC) is a federally funded technical assistance center located at the University of Minnesota. It provides training, tailored consultations, and print and web-based resources to healthcare organizations of all kinds seeking to design, implement, grow, sustain, and evaluate telehealth services.

gpTRAC is a project of the University of Minnesota Institute for Health Informatics

The Institute for Health Informatics educates students, conducts research, and provides technical assistance services in the fields of biomedical and health informatics.  In that work it focuses on the design, use, and evaluation of information systems that support and improve healthcare while protecting the safety and confidentiality of those who receive that care. It is an interdisciplinary endeavor that encompasses work in a variety of settings from tertiary care hospitals to specialty clinics, mental health facilities, community clinics, nursing homes, and home care agencies.