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Behavioral Health Providers

*new update as of April 2021* PHE provisions (ending January 1, 2022 or upon ending of the Public Health Emergency): Providers from other states can temporarily practice in Wisconsin. Medical assistance reimbursement rate to be paid during PHEs is set.

*proposed update* Psychology Examining Board: Defines telehealth; specify that psychologists must hold a Wisconsin license to diagnose and treat patients in Wisconsin. However, during the PHE, the requirement to hold a Wisconsin license is overridden by legislative action to allow temporary cross-state practice.

Psychologists licensed in other states may provide services in WI for no more than 60 working days in a year

Wisconsin Mental Health Professional Licensure Compacts


EXPIRED: Temporary COVID-19 Policies (WI Mental Health)

According to Governor’s executive order:

  • Physicians providing telemedicine to patients in WI must have a valid and current license from WI, another state, or Canada
  • An individual credentialed by the MPSW Examining Board or authorized to practice in Wisconsin under PHEO #16 or Act 185 §105 (6) may provide treatment to individuals physically located in Wisconsin via telehealth so long as the treatment is within provider’s scope of practice

* This temporary guidance is expired due to the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling (5/13/2020)