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Wisconsin Other Providers

*Published March 27, 2020* Health care providers licensed in states other than Wisconsin may be temporarily credentialed to provide telehealth services to patients within Wisconsin IF the health care provider applies to the department for a temporary credential within 30 days of beginning to provide services AND is licensed without restrictions in their state AND has applied for a permanent credential granted by the department or an examining board, as applicable.

  • If the practitioner is providing health care services ONLY during the COVID-19 national public health emergency or during the 30 days immediately after the national emergency ends, a temporary credential granted under this section to the health care provider expires 30 days after the national emergency ends. A practitioner providing services only during the COVID-19 national public health emergency or in the 30 days after the emergency need not have applied for a permanent credential granted by the department or an examining board.

*proposed update* OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Incorporate the definition of telehealth from the Medical Assistance program into statutory chapters pertaining to occupational licensing. Telehealth is defined as the “practice of health care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, or transfer of medically relevant data by means of audio, video, OR data communications that are used either during a patient visit or a consultation or are used to transfer medically relevant data about a patient, including asynchronous, interactive, and remote patient monitoring.” The bill requires the Department of Safety and Professional Services and any attached examining board or affiliated credentialing board to define and use “telehealth” and related terms consistent with this bill in all promulgated rules. See SB309 and AB296.

*proposed update* OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: The Occupational Therapists Credentialing Board proposes to establish standards of practice and conduct for providing occupational therapy services using telehealth; make telehealth-related changes.

*proposed update* SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY & AUDIOLOGY: The Hearing and Speech Examining Board defines telehealth; specifies that hearing instrument specialists, speech language pathologist, and audiologists must hold Wisconsin license to treat patients in Wisconsin.