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Telehealth policies within the gpTRAC region

Information on this website is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional legal and billing advice

Current pending legislation in the gpTRAC region

Click here for the Center for Connected Health Policy currently pending legislation in the gpTRAC region.



There are multiple interstate professional licensure compacts in which states can choose to participate. For a brief description of the privileges granted by each compact, please click on the image.

2021 Legislative Updates

Click here to download a document showing all telehealth legislation enacted during the 2021 sessions in the gpTRAC region

April 2022 Major Payer Updates

Click here to download a document summarizing policy changes from major payer's in our region for January 2022

(Past updates: January 2022December 2021October 2021September 2021August 2021, July 2021, June 2021)


COVID-19 Executive Orders

Click here to download a document showing the statuses of public health emergency orders, executive orders, and other temporary regulatory flexibilities affecting telehealth in our states (updated March 28, 2022).


State-by-state policies


Downloadable COVID-19 Virtual Visit & Reimbursement Guides

Updated 4/30/22