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North Dakota

North Dakota

Behavioral Health Providers

*new update* COVID-19 liability protection for health care providers.

According to the Board Statement on Telepsychology in North Dakota: There is no special licensure status or credential within North Dakota for the practice of telepsychology. As a result, a psychologist licensed in North Dakota may be permitted to provide telepsychology services to recipients located either inside or outside North Dakota. When doing so, the psychologist must comply with the laws and regulations of a) North Dakota, including NDCC 43-32 and 43-51, b) the jurisdiction in which the psychologist is located, and c) the jurisdiction in which the recipient is located.

North Dakota Mental Health Professional Licensure Compacts


Temporary COVID-19 Policies (ND Mental Health Providers)


  • “Secured connection” provision (limiting types of technology able to be used in telemedicine)
  • “Audio only” provision (prohibiting audio-only telemedicine)

Licensing requirements suspended for: Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physicians and Surgeons (Ch 43-17, includes Physician Assistants), Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Social workers, Respiratory care practitioners, Dieticians and Nutritionists, Addiction counselors, Counselors, Clinical lab personnel, Marriage and family therapists, Integrative health care, Naturopaths, Medical imaging and radiation therapy, EMS 

  • Providers licensed in these professions in other states are able to provide health care and behavioral health services (including by means of telemedicine) for ND citizens