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Behavioral Health Providers

*proposed update* COVID-19 liability act (protecting providers from lawsuit due to understaffing/COVID-related issues).

Nebraska Mental Health Professional Licensure Compacts

Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact

Temporary COVID-19 Policies (NE Mental Health Providers)

EO 20-10 allows certain professionals to practice telehealth, including Nebraska licensees located within or without Nebraska and licensees from other states

  • Applies to people in these professions: Advanced practice nursing (CNMs, NPs, CNSs, CRNAs), Emergency medical services (EMR, EMT, AEMT, paramedics), MDs, Physician Assistants, Acupuncturists, Licensed independent mental health practitioners (LIMHP), Licensed mental health practitioners (LMHP), Provisional licensed mental health practitioners (PLMHP), Social Workers, RNs, LPNs, DOs, Perfusionists, Pharmacists, Pharmacists Interns, Pharmacist technicians, Psychologists, Provisional licensed psychologists (PLP), Respiratory care practitioners, Surgical first assistants

Formerly licensed practitioners (in APN, EMS, medicine and surgery (includes PAs), mental health practice, nursing, osteopathy, perfusion, pharmacy, psychology, respiratory care, surgical assisting) can continue to practice without being subject to continuing competency requirements 

  • Competency and licensing requirements are deferred
  • Regulations for initial licensure are lessened