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Minnesota Other Providers

*proposed update* CHIROPRACTORS: Practice of chiropractors includes telehealth (see SF266 & HF319).

*proposed update* School-based telehealth: Create appropriations for school-based health clinics that will use telehealth (see SF2383 & HF2176). Establish school-linked substance abuse grants to purchase telehealth equipment and allow SUD services to be delivered to students/families via telehealth. The safe schools revenue program funds can be used to pay for school-linked mental health services. 

LICENSED PROVIDERS FROM THE MN TELEMEDICINE ACT: MD (147), PA (147A), Chiropractors (148), Nurses (148.171), Speech Language Pathologists (148.511), Optometrists (148.52), Dieticians/Nutritionists (148.621), OT/OTA (148.6401), PT/PTA (148.65), Athletic Trainers (148.7801), Psychologists (148.79), Doulas (148.995), Marriage and Family counselors, Licensed Professional Counseling, (148B), Social Work (148E), Alcohol and Drug Counselors (148F), Dentistry (150A), Podiatry (153)

  • Service parity: Health carriers cannot exclude a service from coverage solely because it is provided via telemedicine and not through in-person consultation or contact between a licensed health care provider and a patient
  • Payment parity: Health carriers must reimburse distant site licensed providers for telehealth services on the same basis and at the same rate as they would for the same services delivered in-person