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Behavioral Health Providers

*Effective July 1, 2021* The omnibus bill HF33, which includes a revised Minnesota Telehealth Act (2021), enacted several changes for private and state health payers and providers. A document describing these changes alongside the text of the legislation can be downloaded HERE. Significant changes include:

  • Allowing Medical Assistance clients to consent verbally to treatment plans for mental health and substance use disorder services
  • Mental health case management & targeted case management services can be delivered via telehealth in most situations (Medical Assistance programs)

LICENSED PROVIDERS FROM THE MN TELEMEDICINE ACT: Licensed under chapter 147, 147A, 148 (psychologists), 148B (marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors), 148E, 148F (alcohol and drug counselors), 150A, or 153; a mental health professional as defined under section 245.462, subdivision 18, or 245.4871, subdivision 27

  • INELIGIBLE PROVIDERS: Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, and Genetic Counselors
  • Service parity: Health carriers cannot exclude a service from coverage solely because it is provided via telemedicine and not through in-person consultation or contact between a licensed health care provider and a patient
  • Payment parity: Health carriers must reimburse distant site licensed providers for telehealth services on the same basis and at the same rate as they would for the same services delivered in-person

Psychologists must demonstrate competency in order to practice, including via telehealth

Minnesota Behavioral Health Professional Licensure Compacts

Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact - legislation pending

EXPIRED: Temporary COVID-19 Policies (MN Behavioral Health Providers)

EXPIRED MAY 6: Out-of-state mental health practitioners can provide telehealth services in MN. This applies only only to providers who would otherwise be required to obtain a license from one or more of the following Minnesota health-related licensing boards: Psychology, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Behavioral Health and Therapy.

EXPIRED JULY 1: During a peacetime emergency, the definition of “licensed health care provider” from 62A.671 (Minnesota Telemedicine Act) is expanded to include mental health practitioners & respiratory therapists

* While temporary guidances have expired, Minnesota's omnibus bill, HF33 (above) expanded eligible providers to include mental health practitioners *