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Medical Board & Physician Policies

*proposed update* Physicians providing interstate telehealth are considered to be engaged in the practice of medicine.

*proposed update* Annual patient assessment required for prescribing medical cannabis can be conducted via telehealth (in HF600, HF813, HF1511SF803 & SF757). The initial assessment required to prescribe medical cannabis can be conducted via telehealth. 

TELEMEDICINE DEFINITION: “The delivery of health care services or consultations while the patient is at an originating site and the licensed health care provider is at a distant site” provided via real-time two-way interactive audio and visual communications. Telemedicine does not include telephone, email, or fax.

LICENSED PROVIDERS FROM THE MN TELEMEDICINE ACT:  MD (147), PA (147A), Chiropractors (148), Nurses (148.171) Speech Language Pathologists (148.511), Optometrists (148.52), Dieticians/Nutritionists (148.621), OT/OTA (148.6401), PT/PTA (148.65), Athletic Trainers (148.7801), Psychologists (148.79), Doulas (148.995), Marriage and Family counselors, Licensed Professional Counseling, (148B), Social Work (148E), Alcohol and Drug Counselors (148F), Dentistry (150A), Podiatry (153)

  • INELIGIBLE PROVIDERS: Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, and Genetic Counselors

Physician-patient relationship may be established via telemedicine

A physician licensed from another state may provide interstate telemedicine services to a patient in MN if they are licensed without restrictions in their home state, does not meet with or open an office in MN, and registers with the MN Board

Telemedicine abortions are allowed

Minnesota Professional Licensure Compacts

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Temporary COVID-19 Policies (MN Medical Board)

EXPIRED MAY 6: As stipulated in MN Statutes 12.42, during a declared emergency, a person with a license/certificate/permit in another state, including mental health practitioners, can render aid in MN via telehealth

EXPIRED MAY 6: Out-of-state providers can provide care in MN, including via telehealth, during the COVID-19 public health emergency

EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 1: For substance use disorders, the requirement for examination prior to prescribing can be met by telemedicine (this section expires 60 days after peacetime emergency end)