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Iowa Other Providers

*effective March 3, 2021* DIETETICS: The Board of Dietetics updated telehealth policies allowing licensed providers to offer dietetic services via telehealth if they meet practice requirements (must be audio-visual real-time interactive communication). 

*effective July 1, 2021* DENTAL/ORTHODONTIC PROVIDERS: The initial exam required before beginning orthodontic treatment can be fulfilled via telehealth.

*proposed update* All medical licensing/certifying boards must amend or adopt rules to allow health professionals under their purview to provide telehealth services via audio-only communication.

*proposed update* OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Adopt the occupational therapy interstate licensure compact (see SF463 and HB201)

*proposed update* AUDIOLOGY/SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY: Adopt the audiology and speech language pathology interstate licensure compact (see HF500 and HSB122).

*proposed update* Several professional boards have proposed updated standards for tele-practice, including the Board of Psychology, the Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology, the Board of Physician Assistants, the Board of Hearing Aid Specialists, and the Department of Education (for guidance on telehealth in schools).