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Medical Board & Physician Policies

*proposed update* All medical licensing/certifying boards must amend or adopt rules to allow health professionals under their purview to provide telehealth services via audio-only communication.

TELEMEDICINE DEFINITION: Telemedicine includes asynchronous store and forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive services (including teleradiology and telepathology). Telemedicine does not include audio-only, email, or fax.

Providers must be licensed in Iowa to practice telemedicine

Physician-patient relationships may be established in person, via consultation with another provider, OR via telemedicine encounter

HIPAA-compliant technology must be used in telemedicine provision

Telemedicine abortions are allowed

Iowa Professional Licensure Compacts

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Temporary COVID-19 Policies (IA Medical Board)

Out-of-state licensed practitioners can practice medicine/telemedicine in Iowa

Rules establishing preconditions/limitations/restrictions are suspended

  • The ban on audio-only telemedicine is suspended
  • The provision requiring face-to-face interaction with health care providers for certain residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment services (Iowa Admin. Code rule 653-13.11 and rule 641-155.2) is suspended

Recent medical school graduates can seek emergency licenses

Criminal background check for initial licensure suspended

Physicians with lapsed/expired licenses can continue to practice

CME requirements temporarily suspended