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Medical Board & Physician Policies

*proposed update* All medical licensing/certifying boards must amend or adopt rules to allow health professionals under their purview to provide telehealth services via audio-only communication.

TELEMEDICINE DEFINITION: Telemedicine includes asynchronous store and forward, remote monitoring, and real-time interactive services (including teleradiology and telepathology). Telemedicine does not include audio-only, email, or fax.

Providers must be licensed in Iowa to practice telemedicine

Physician-patient relationships may be established in person, via consultation with another provider, OR via telemedicine encounter

HIPAA-compliant technology must be used in telemedicine provision

Telemedicine abortions are allowed

Iowa Professional Licensure Compacts

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

EXPIRED: Temporary COVID-19 Policies (IA Medical Board)

This guidance has expiration dates set within Iowa's public health emergency, which expired July 25, 2021

EXPIRED JULY 25: Licensing requirements eased (Medical and nursing providers with licenses that have lapsed within the past 5 years may continue to practice to assist with the public health emergency, CME requirements are temporarily suspended, initial licensure requirements are eased), pharmacists from other states may practice in Iowa

EXPIRED JUNE 30: The ban on audio-only telemedicine is suspended

EXPIRED JUNE 30: Providers may offer telehealth in Iowa without an Iowa license