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Remote Patient Monitoring


Click here to download gpTRAC's Remote Patient Monitoring toolkit.


Additional (external) RPM resources

  • Kathy Wibberly, PhD, is the director of the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center. In this Tech Talk, Kathy discusses remote patient monitoring technology, it's uses and benefits, and resources that can help you deploy a successful remote monitoring program.

  • The MATRC RPM toolkit contains several resources.

  • NATRC webpage on RPM.

  • The SCTRC course module on The Basics of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) will give you an high-level review of RPM concepts and is designed especially for providers and clinicians. The information provided in this course is intended for anyone interested in this topic and especially for physicians, clinicians, nurses, or administrators.

  • A summary of RPM policies across all US states.