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Startup Guide & Clinical Resources


Startup Guide and Clinical Resources

The gpTRAC Startup Guide provides examples and illustrations that can help you find the right path—and avoid costly and time-consuming errors.

As you create or expand your telehealth program, you may want to consider what others have done, and what the experts recommend for your stage in development. The gpTRAC Toolkit provides examples and illustrations that can help you find the right path.

Telligen and gpTRAC have collaborated to produce the Telehealth Startup and Resource Guide. It outlines best practices, common pitfalls, and helpful resources for telehealth programs.

The gpTRAC/Telligen Telehealth Startup Guide

In a collaborative effort, Telligen and gpTRAC partnered in the development of a helpful and informational telehealth resource that we call the Telehealth Startup and Resource Guide. It was specifically developed for use in Iowa, but has a great deal of information that is applicable across all states. It is the hope of Telligen and gpTRAC that this guide will especially assist those considering starting up a telehealth program in their facilities.

Clinical Resources

Distance Education Resources

Things don’t always go well when technology is involved. Being prepared with our troubleshooting guide templates can prevent or eliminate tech-related difficulties.

We’ve all had frustrating experiences with technology, and telehealth programs rely on positive, smooth experiences with technology for patients, families, and caregivers. Being familiar with troubleshooting guides can help users get through whatever technological glitches are encountered so that time is spent on providing patient care.


Operational and Administrative Tools