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Telehealth Quick Start Resource Site

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COVID-19 Telehealth Quick Start Guide

The gpTRAC Telehealth Quick Start Guide is a website that provides links to resources essential to getting telehealth programs up and running quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes links to slide presentations created by gpTRAC covering issues related specifically to Primary Care and Mental Health services, as well as links to both temporary and permanent regulations in each state in the gpTRAC region (MN, WI, ND, SD, NE, IA).

Follow this link to the Telehealth Quick Start web site.

July 2021 Insurer Changes

Click here for gpTRAC's July 2021 update. The update covers reimbursement changes made by major insurers in our region.

State Reimbursement and Regulatory Changes

Click here for summaries of telemedicine regulations in each of our states, including changes made during COVID-19. These guides include policies impacting Medicaid, commercial payers, medical board, mid-levels, and behavioral health providers are covered. 

Click here for a guide to provider licensure requirements during COVID-19 for all U.S. states and territories (updated 7/9/21).

COVID-19 Executive Orders

Click here for a document showing which executive orders are expired and which are still in place in gpTRAC states during the COVID-19 emergency.

NCTRC COVID-19 Resources

Click here for the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers page for COVID-19 resources.