Telehealth Technology: Where to Start

When it comes to outfitting your organization with the proper technology for practicing telemedicine, the options can seem endless. However, gpTRAC and our affiliates can help. Here are a few pieces of advice to get the process started:

1. To determine what equipment you will need to buy, start by understanding what your initial program services will be, as well as your planned service growth. A survey among your stakeholders, or an organizational needs assessment, will help you identify what functionality you need, which will make your equipment requirements clear.

2. Are you familiar with TTAC? If you are involved in telehealth, you should be. TTAC (which stands for The National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center) is a HRSA funded organization that focuses on areas of technology assessment and telehealth policy. They are one of two National Telehealth Resource Centers, and work closely with each of the 12 Regional Telehealth Resource Centers (including gpTRAC!). TTAC’s goal is to create better-informed consumers of telehealth technology by offering a variety of tools and technology assessments. Their website ( is a great place for information on which technologies are appropriate for your telehealth program.

3. Still not sure what technology to choose? Contact us! The gpTRAC staff is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

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