ATA 2012: Mini Interview Series

During this year’s American Telemedicine Association 2012 Exposition, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to bring the plenitude of valuable information home to our base here in the Great Plains Region.

Our team attended educational seminars by doctors, legislators, professors, and industry executives so that our expert consultants are better prepared to answer your organization’s questions about telemedicine.  We networked with other Telehealth Resource Centers and national organizations to learn their best practices and strategies for implementing telehealth programs so that we can improve our own strategies and what we have to offer as a regional TRC.  And finally, we watched hundreds of product demonstrations so that we know the latest on what is available in the health technology market.

But after seeing all those technology demonstrations, we decided it wasn’t quite enough to just tell you about it… so we made movies too!

The following clips are mini interviews with industry executives on the ATA 2012 showcase floor.  They are meant to showcase some of the brilliant innovation that currently exists in the field of health technology, and are not necessarily endorsements of the products or services presented.  They are, however, endorsements of innovation itself, and it’s usefulness in improving the way we manage health systems and deliver patient care.  Enjoy!




Instant Care, Inc.

MultiTech Systems