Rob Sprang on Changing Times

At this years gpTRAC Regional Telehealth Forum we are also pleased to present Rob Sprang, Director of Kentucky Telecare for a keynote talk on the evolution and future of Telehealth.

Telehealth is the result of the emergence of modern communication/information technology and the need to extend limited healthcare resources to meet a nearly unlimited demand.  The most basic ideal behind telehealth technology is to “get the right care to the right people at the right time in the right place”.  The modern era of telehealth began in the early to mid-1990’s when federal grant programs began to fund new initiatives.  Interactive videoconference technology had begun to develop in higher education, allowing colleges and universities to reach potential students in non-traditional, off-campus locations.  Early telehealth initiatives often began at academic medical centers who were familiar with videoconference technology from academic extension programs and now wanted to use that same technology to extend the reach of clinical faculty to patients who would not, or could not travel to the academic medical center.  Since those early years, technology has evolved, legal and regulatory barriers have been addressed, and the concept of telehealth has become familiar to many more people, but the industry is on the brink of dramatic change and the Accountable Care Act is just one catalyst that could help telehealth achieve its true potential.

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