Mill City ICC: New Healthcare Innovation Center

Information technology, mobile connectivity, social networking, and healthcare delivery are at a historical point of convergence.  Now is the time to invest in new strategies to direct the future of healthcare.  As of May 8th, 2013, Minneapolis has a new healthcare innovation center to do just that, and it is right in gpTRAC’s back yard!

Announcing the Mill City Innovation and Collaboration Center
Mill City ICC Full Press Release

The goal of the Mill City Innovation and Collaboration Center (Mill City ICC) is to reduce unnecessary clincal visits while improving the quality of chronic disease and ambulatory patient care.   The ICC plans to do this by researching and testing new care models based on collaboration and intelligent utilization of technology.  Telehealth will play a critical role in the ICC design process.

Press release excerpt:  “The ICC has already become a magnet, attracting hardware, software, telecommunications, life science and academic institutions that want to play a vital role in reimaging the patient experience. The ICC’s programs will educate healthcare systems and serve as a site where participants can collaborate in developing the necessary New Models of patient engagement, monitoring and motivation.”

We are looking forward to tracking the ICC progress as they delve into the “super convergence”, and you should to!  For more information and to follow the ICC visit

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